The Death Of Tango

Tango of the day: “Por eso vengo a cantar” (That’s why I come to sing), written by Antonio Cantó and Jaime Vila, and perform by Cucuza Castiello & Moscato Luna, live at Bar El Faro in Buenos Aires. Lyrics:

As usual, DOT will air from 11AM to 1PM on @wprb. Tribute to Lina Avellaneda, Luis Correa, Rafael Tuegols and Fernando Cabarcos, plus a lot more!

After a brief tribute to the neighborhood of Mataderos, in Buenos Aires, we went into a special show dedicated to musicians who dedicated music to other musicians.

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Hoy en The Death of Tango on WPRB: Lucio Arce, La Guardia Hereje, Guillermo Fernández & Luis Longhi, Soledad Francia, Daniel Melingo, Gabriela Torres, Jacqueline Sigaut JACQUELINE SIGAUT - TANGO), Sandra Luna & Juan Esteban Cuacci, Hernán CUCUZA Castiello & Moscato Luna - Guitarrista, Horacio Salgán, VINICIO CAPOSSELA, Luis Cardei y muchos otros!

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Tango of the day. A really heart-chilling story about a man who gets killed on his wedding day

Live tango music in Brooklyn tonight

Adam Tully, Octavio Brunetti and Emilio Teubal perform together at Pane E Vino in Brooklyn. Hope to see you there :) 8:30 - 11 PM at 174 Smith St


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